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My Journey 

Hi, my name is Scott 

And I'm a young UX designer 

But when I'm not in Sketch or Figma

I call myself a seasoned writer

So I put down that rubber basketball

And picked up a wooden bass 

Learned the lines of MJ's "Bille Jean" 

And Green Day's "Basket Case"


And that little chubby boy 

Turned into a slightly chubby man

Who packed mixers, and drum machines

Into a run-down sprinter van 


So when the pandemic hit I asked myself

What's my who and what's my why

I went searching in the Rockies 

Beneath the Colorado sky 

Young scott

I grew up in New York City

Watching Ewing lead the Knicks

And I still think 'bout those last seconds

When the Rockets won game six 

And I fell in love with all types of music

And thirsted for more of this knowledge 

So I decided to major in plucking strings 

At a famous music college   

But the life of a musician

Isn't as glorious as it seems 

The wedding bands, and late-night gigs

Are removed from teenage dreams

And I learned that human happiness  

Is a cadence of complex 

But simple love is friends and family 

With music and UX 

Want to hear more?

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